Customer Comments


My girlfriend and I are heartbroken that the restaurant is going away. We tried to come in a couple months ago, with obvious results; and we’ve seen the telltale signs outside. We’ve spent many happy hours there. Thank you so much for having this event. We want to pay our respects and show our appreciation. Plainfield’s Mayur is the best Indian restaurant I’ve been to on this continent, and perhaps in the world. All the best

- Mark Chussil

What a bummer! My favorite Portland restaurant lowering the flag.

Several of my best culinary evenings have been at your table. (Alas, the lack of coin has denied me as may evenings as I would have hope for.)

Around fire places of the future, the tales of the marvels of Plainfields' Mayur will become culinary legends.

May your futures be kind to you.

- Richard Jones

Dear Rich,

I am so sorry to hear you will be closing your wonderful restaurant. It has been a special place for our family to celebrate events over the years and you will always be in our hearts. Unfortunately we will not be able to join you for the open house. Please keep in touch about what your next adventure will be, or any special events you may be planning.

- Best wishes from the "Shaw" family

Dear Rich and Rekha-

My business colleague and I have enjoyed over the years many fine meals at your restaurant. (I had never had coconut soup – it left a lasting impression) For several years we had to travel from Philadelphia to the west coast and always looked for a good Indian cuisine –we were so pleased when we found your restaurant. We are unable to be there for the closing but wish you much success and happiness in the future.

- Celeste Barr

Hi Rich - I would very much like to come to the Plainfield's farewell celebration. Could you tell me the date and time?

I look forward to thanking you for all the restaurant has provided me over the years, including holding my rehearsal dinner when I was married in 2006. And I look forward to mastering the art of vegetable baji in my own kitchen.

All the best,
- Heather

Hi Rich

Sorry to hear of this decision. I first went there in the mid 1990"s a loved your service, food, venue and the overall experience.

I am out of town until Monday July 1. Would love to see what is for sale. I have a few items that I bought over the years. If you have any creative ideas as to how I could participate. If not then I understand. Either way thank you for one of Portlands best dining experiences. Best regards

- Michael Canterbury

Rich and Rekha: My wife and I were saddened by the closing of Plainfield’s Mayur. It was a wonderful place where we shared many great meals with family and friends. Your presence will be sorely missed. One of the great pleasures of being there in addition to the wonderful food and wonderful wine list) was the artwork. My wife and I have purchased several smaller pieces from you over the years-particularly statues of Ganesa, which we collect. We have seen some stupendous sandalwood Ganesa statues at Plainfield’s, particularly when you had the upstairs gallery.

We would very much love to be at the party and art sale on the 22nd, but we shall unfortunately (for this purpose) be several thousand miles away that day hiking in celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary. Is there any possibility of viewing and potentially purchasing any of the pieces before that time? We leave on the morning of June 19th, but would be able to come by most times before then that would be convenient for you. Thank you for your consideration as well as the wonderful times you have brought our family and we wish you luck in your adventures ahead.

- Tom and Marcia Wood

P.S. Our daughter, who is now 22 and grew up going to Plainfield’s Mayur, was always fascinated by your Madeira collection and the informational materials you had about it (since she was not able to drink it at that point). She caught the wine bug and is now working towards a career in that business. She just finished training in London and hopped a plane after her last exam earlier this week to Madeira to experience the island first hand. I think that is a direct result of her time in your restaurant!

Dear Rich & Rkha Plainfield:

We are so sorry that Plainfield's is closing! It will be a great loss to the Portland restaurant scene. We have enjoyed many special dinners there over the past 22 years.
And we are doubly sorry that we will be out of town for the open house party and art sale on Saturday, June 22. If we were in town, we would definitely attend to say farewell in person.

In your letter, you mention that you will be providing free recipes from your menu. Would it be possible for you to post those menus on your website for downloading for those of us who cannot attend your party?

We wish you all the beste -

- Jan & Gordy

Dear Rich,

Regretfully, I will be out of town during your open house.

We have already miss your wonderful restaurant, which has been the highlight for our many out of town guests.

If you are passing out recipes, I would be most grateful if you sent me your recipes for dahi wada and butter chicken, and, probably equally important, where you get your spices. (>:

- Michael

Dear Richard,

We wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed the quiet elegance and wonderful Indian cuisine you have provided in your restaurant over these many decades. Hate to see you go but you have earned your retirement in spades. All the best in the future.

- Tom and Carol

Dear Rich and Rekha,

I will miss your restaurant and the excellent food that I have had the pleasure of having for many years. There is nothing better than Mayur Cuisine of India.


- Gloria

Congratulations on what I assume is a retirement.

You have been a Portland icon for decades.

Best Wishes,
- Mitch

Hi Rich, Rekha,

We will be sad to say farewell to Plainfields’s at Mayur. You have certainly helped to define Portland and share the lovely cuisine and art of India in such an elegant and tasteful way.

-Rupal and Ashish

Dear Rich,

I'd love to come by the restaurant and pay my respects on Saturday, June 22. I was a teenage dishwasher in the original location in the late 70's, and have fond memories of working in the kitchen with John and Orfa (am I remembering her name accurately?). I learned to tell the difference between espresso and cappuccino, and discovered the delightful taste of rum-raisin ice cream. And of course I remember you and Rekha, and your mother Virginia.

Thank you,
- Charles

Thanks for great food over the years!!

- Steve Porter

Congratulations on 35 years, your wonderful food and restaurant will be sorely missed.
Thank you for memorable meals and a great place to dine with family and friends,

- Pamela


I suppose it's too late to try to talk you out of closing Portland's finest restaurant? I tried to call to make a reservation recently and couldn't get through, so I gather you've already closed. What a tragedy. Maybe you closed instead of selling because you couldn't find a cook who was good enough to learn how to make such wonderful food. Any possibility you could be persuaded to re-open at a new location? BTW, there are no Indian restaurants in the Tigard/Tualatin/Sherwood area. I'll bet a fine Indian restaurant in Tigard on SW Pacific Highway would do great. Then if you want to retire, you could sell it for a bundle instead of closing. If you need capital, some of your customers, including me, might be persuaded to invest. Just a thought.

- Jim Greenfield

My family has had many wonderful meals at Plainfield’s and are sorry to see you close. My wife and I will likely come by on the 22nd to say good-bye and toast the memories.

- Thomas

So sad to see this change but we will be there Saturday to wish you well.

Any chance your recipe for dahi wadi (?) could be available?

- Denny & Ginny

Dear Rich and Rekha,

My husband and I were saddened to hear you are closing. We spent anniversaries and family birthdays there in our earlier years and enjoyed the food and wonderful service so much. Thank you for inviting us. We will be there to thank you, search for treasures to purchase and definitely get some of your recipes.

My Best,
- Shannon

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Plainfield,

Thank you for your kind invitation to the Plainfields' Mayur Customer Appreciation Party. Over the many years that we have been coming to your restaurant, we celebrated many birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant events. We were deeply saddened when you closed, and now we are doubly saddened that we will be out of town on June 22. Thank you so much for the wonderful food and memories. We wish you all the best for the future.


- Jim and Patty

Rekha and Rich -

I regret that I haven't eaten there for quite awhile now. I have so many fond memories of eating there w/ Ravi Shankar and Zakir and Shivji and others during the first 12 years of Kalakendra.

It will be wonderful to see you both.

- Kathryn

We think your idea of an Open House this Saturday is great, and two of us plan to attend, probably arriving 1-2 PM.

Thank you,
- Robert

Hi Rich,

Your place was my first time trying Indian food and I was instantly in love. So sorry to hear your closing.

- Linda & Paul

Hi Rich -

I'm sad to hear you're closing but it sounds like you're going out with a bang.

- Kristin

Hi Rich

I wanted to confirm my parents can not attend however my boyfriend and I can attend your event. We’ll stop by sometime during 4-8pm timeframe

Thank you very much again for the invitation.

I most certainly hope to see you, Craig, Nita and the rest of the family on Saturday.

- Pilar Lemma

Sales Manager

Lemma Wine Company
120 SE Market St
Portland OR 97214

What sad news...what a wonderful restaurant and stunning collection of sculpture. Some of the pieces look like they are from the master temple carvers in Trivandrum, Kerala?

Count me in for this generous farewell...or "so long for now"

- Jeffrey

Hi Rich -

We are so bummed that you are have been our favorite restaurant for years....we celebrate almost every anniversary with you Sad smiley emoticon. Don't know what we'll do now! Interesting date too - our anniversary is on 6/!

I think I will come first thing in the morning to view some of the art. I love all your things, and am looking for a few lower cost items to bring home.

Thanks for all you've done for us!! Best of luck and wishes for many blessings for your future!

- Kathy

We have celebrated many special occasions at your wonderful restaurant and miss you! We are so sad to see the restaurant close.

We would love to taste your food one more time and get some of your recipes

We wish you well and we’ll think of you often!

- Sandy and Dave

Hi Rich,
I am planning on stopping by tomorrow for your last hurrah. Thank you so much for the invite and what a wonderful way to end a beautiful business. Thanks you again.

- Patty

Hi Rich,

I was sorry to read that you guys are closing; I love your restaurant and your cooking. I had the privilege to meet Virginia many years ago and would love to be able to get a new copy of her cookbook, From Fettucini to Sugarplums. Let me know if that is possible.

- Sally

Hello Rekha-

I am a friend of Ann Werner's who has dined at your restaurant a number of times over the last three decades. Ann forwarded me your customer appreciation party and art sale notice because we have both enjoyed eating at your restaurant and because she is out of town in NE Oregon hiking and biking this week. So she thought I might like to attend your art sale. I would love to come by and see what you might have for sale in terms of Indian and Asian art.

Many thanks for your consideration, thank you,

- Barbara

Dear Rich:

Thank you so much for your family's graciousness and generosity tonight. You will all be greatly missed with your classiness and wonderfully elegant food. I forgot to ask how you brew your chai. (I bought one of the glass mugs). If you can let me know how much you use I would be grateful. Also I got a bunch of the sandlewood incense and if there is any chance of actually getting more somehow please let me know. Thanks again for a special evening and I wish you and your family all the best in your next endeavors!

- Gregory

Hi Rich,

I am so glad I had the opportunity to stop by the restaurant and visit with you, Rekha and Vaishali this evening, and to eat some of your amazing food one last time. I was secretly hoping on the way there that your suralichya patwadya would make an appearance, but of course that would have been pretty labor-intensive to prepare on a large scale! But seriously, what a nice gesture on the part of you and Rekha to put that together for your customers.

My sometimes immature behavior while in your employ aside, I would like to tell you that it was an honor to be a participant in such a great establishment. I still count working at your Mayur as one of my favorite and most memorable jobs thus far, and it was one of my key formative experiences as a young adult. Your menu was truly magnificent-- head and shoulders above other local Indian restaurants of its time, as you know-- and learning to prepare the food there has informed my culinary tastes and my own cooking at home to this day. I also enjoyed returning to work at the restaurant on a fill-in basis during the 5 years after you sold the business, though the quality of the food was never the same after you moved on to other pursuits. I always admired your positivity and enthusiasm in the face of challenging situations, as well as your variety of talents and interests, and your considerable savvy as a small businessman. Oh, and if you can believe this: I still, over a decade later, occasionally have nightmares about having 14 dinner tickets on the spindle when suddenly the bread pot stops working. Ha!

I did look at the website for your Back-Up Barz, and it looks like a very useful cycling product. I can relate to the experience of wishing for more handlebar positions, and of feeling back pain on a long ride, especially when I've been a week into a fully-loaded camping tour with my steel frame. I think you definitely have something there that will appeal to a niche market of long-distance cyclists with the means for high-end gear. I will tell people about it.

One last thing-- if you were serious about passing on one of those well-loved, well-oiled rolling pins from the restaurant, especially the nice fat one, I would totally like to make it happen. It would be a fine souvenir of the time I spent rolling stuffed parathas and puris, and I would use the heck out of it for making various flatbreads. I could meet you somewhere around downtown or the inner eastside. If you're too busy to make it happen or it's otherwise inconvenient for you, no worries-- I'm sure I could find one online or at a local Indian food supply.

Okay, take care.

- Aaron

Dear Rich

Thanks so much for the invitation to your event on Saturday. It was great to see you and your family there.

I wanted to followup and inquire if there was an address we could send flowers to as thanks for all the business we have shared for 35 years.

I appreciate again all your support with us over the years and I hope we can keep in touch as our family holds you, Craig and the Plainfield family in the highest regards.

- Pilar

Hi Rich,

So sorry your closed. Will you be posting the recipes. The print outs were all gone when I arrived on Saturday. Would love the Dahi Wada and Soup recipes. You will me missed!

- Julie

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the opportunity to walk up 21st Ave one more time and smell that masala cooking, I savored the moment knowing it to be a parting zephyr of a most sublime dream. How wonderful that in only a part of your lives you have made manifest this dream to the great benefit of so many fine and loving people. Still, all sweet dreams must come to an end, err they become eternal nightmares, eh?

It was so sweet to see you and the family again, you all look fabulous and clearly all are on an upward track, I’m certain the same is true of Vidya. ...

- Dave Grafe

Hello Rich Plainfield,

My husband and I have gone to your wonderful restaurant for years and are sad to see it being closed. We were unable to attend the open house last Saturday but would love to get our hands on the recipes you were making available.

We have friends who visit every summer; a dinner at Plainfields was always part the tradition. We were love to extent that tradition by making some of your unique dishes at home when they visit this summer.

Good luck on your new endeavors.

Thanks so much.

- Elizabeth

Dear Rich,

We were so sorry to hear that the lovely Planfields Restaurant is closing. We wish you all the best.

- Susan and Bruce

Hi Rich,

Thank you for posting the wonderful recipes! All of you at Plainfields and your food will be missed!

- Julie

Dear Rich,

Plainfields' was an important part of our family's life for all of the years you were in the Meyer ( or was it Frank?) House.

We spent birthdays, anniversaries and just regular evenings enjoying the food, wine, staff and ambience of your wonderful restaurant.

Thank you for the recipes, they are some of our favorites. If you ever translate more please send me a copy. We always ordered the veggies with cardamom nut sauce. I can do the veggies but have failed at the sauce. I know it takes a long time to change them from massive amounts the normal family size so if you don't get around to it I understand and am so grateful for the ones I have.

Hopefully your equipment sale went well. Our very best to you and your family from all of the Randalls.

- Kathy

Hi Rich,

We'll be very sad to see you go, but we're excited for you and your family to move on to the next step in life...retirement?

I'm curious - when will you cease dinner service?

- Matt Carroll

Very sorry to hear of you closing. Since about 1987 I've been bringing friends and family to Plainfield's and have never been disappointed in the atmosphere, cuisine, or service.

I'm hoping to attend your farewell party, and may be able to bring two friends.

Thank you!
- Marc Gilson

Sorry to hear your Portland institution is closing! Of course, I will attend & told several friends.Perhaps it is time to retire, a choice I am now facing.

- Don Bain