Yes, our building and atmosphere are inviting, but it is our cuisine that gets our guests talking. Based on thousands of years of culinary tradition, the cuisine of India is not comparable to any other cuisine in the world. The secret to the exotic flavor of Indian cuisine is in the masalas. Masalas are blends of spices that are individually roasted and ground, then blended together to produce the complex and exciting flavours of our dishes. These masalas are family traditions that are handed down from generation and are always closely guarded.

The dishes presented on our menu use many spices and masalas. This does not mean that the dishes are hot. The hotness comes from green chillies and red cayenne pepper, which we use sparingly in our preparations. We present a tray of condiments with the meal that can be used to make dishes hot. We can also make the dishes hotter on request. The Tandoori show kitchen is the center piece of our main floor dining room. This ancient method of cooking inlarge clay pots makes breads bake right before your eyes. In less than 45 seconds the breads are fully baked. The 1000 degree fire imparts a mellow smokiness to meats that have been marinated in yogurt and spices. Guests can watch our chefs demonstrate their skills.
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