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Dahi Wada

Crispy fried lentil (urid daal) balls in a slightly spicy ginger, coriander, yogurt sauce.
A favorite! Don't miss this one! 6.95

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Lentils soaked and made into a paste, mixed with a special masala and garlic,
then rolled paper thin and fried. 3.50

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Vegetarian : Flaky pastry filled with a spicy potato filling. 6.95
Meat : Flaky pastry filled with a spicy meat and cashew filling. 7.50
Combination Samosa Platter : 7.25

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Bhel Salad
In Bombay India, you find this dish being sold on every street corner. Long lines of patrons wait patiently as the bhel master skillfully prepares each bhel at lightning speed. Our chefs are also very skilled at making a perfect bhel. This is a blend of assorted crisped Indian snacks, fresh crisp spinach, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and fresh coriander with a sweet, hot and spicy tamarind dressing. A frequent comment is: flavors going off like fireworks in your mouth. 7.50
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Tomato Coconut Soup
When visiting our family in India, we always asked for this soup. A delicious combination of tomato, coconut, spices and fried curry leaves. It is garnished with light, crispy boondi and fresh coriander leaves. Don't miss out on this signature soup. 6.95
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Baingan Bharita
Fresh eggplant roasted in the tandoor and mixed with sour cream, onions and spices. A delightful smoky flavor. This is served with traditional crispy snacks for dipping. 7.50

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Garlic Naan
This is a traditional Indian bread made from white flour, eggs, milk and yogurt, baked on the side of the tandoor, then brushed with fresh minced garlic roasted ghee and sprinkled with black onion seeds 3.50

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This is a pan fried multi layered whole wheat bread. 3.50
Click to enlarge Stuffed Paratha
Multi layered whole wheat Paratha stuffed with potatoes and spices. 4.95

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