All entrees include pulao - steamed basmati rice, cucumber raita, tandoori naan and an assortment of traditional condiments.

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Malai Kofta
(Stuffed Cheese Balls)
This dish was served at the table of Maharajas in India. It is made from freshly made Indian cheese formed into balls then stuffed with raisins and pistachio nuts and baked in a satiny smooth sauce of almonds, spices and coriander. 19.95

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Vegetable Bhaji
Fresh seasonal vegetables and assorted wild and farmed mushrooms sauteed and finished with a velvety rich sauce of onions, garlic, bhaji masala, yogurt, cream and garam masala. 18.95

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Palak Paneer with assorted Mushrooms
Fresh assorted seasonal greens, paneer and assorted varieties of freshly gathered wild and farmed mushrooms, seared in pungent mustard oil, chiles, roasted garlic and spices. This is a delicious variation of a classic punjabi dish. 18.95

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Shahi Subji Korma
(Braised Vegetables in Cardamom, Nut Sauce)
This classic Korma consists of carrots, potatoes, turnips, peas and paneer braised in a ivory-white almond yogurt sauce. This exquisite dish is considered one of the ultimate Indian vegetarian delicacies. 17.95

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Bhendi Masala
(Spiced Okra)
Coveted in India for it's health benefits, okra is not only healthful but absolutely delicious in this preparation. Tender young okra is fried in a special masala which is then simmered in a creamy cashew sesame sauce. 18.95

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Mutter Paneer
(Peas with Indian Cheese)
This classic preparation has many variations throughout India. This one is a real winner. Young sugar snap peas and paneer simmered in coconut milk, nuts, spices and fresh coriander. 18.95

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Moogvada Ki Bhaji
(Dumplings in Fragrant Gravy)
Delicate mung bean and spinach dumplings simmered in a sauce of caramelized onions, ginger, tomatoes and spices. 16.95

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This traditionally festive dish is normally reserved for special occasions in India. The elaborate preparation starts with first steaming the Basmati rice and then baking it in a mixture of saffron, vegetables, spices and topped with assorted mushrooms such as morels, shitaki, oyster mushrooms and Paneer (Mild, Indian cheese made with cow's milk). It is garnished with boondi, nuts, coconut and coriander leaves. This is finally crowned with pure silver leaf. $19.95
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