Plainfield’s Mayur –

Chandeliers, ornate place settings, Queen Anne chairs on a soft blue carpet – an elegant retreat for an repast. From the city’s only authentic tandoor oven ( more like a cylindrical clay furnace ) come the best dishes in the house: roasted meats, tenderized in yogurt and myriad spices, and hot, puffy Indian breads. Soups can be exceptional, flavored with coconut or tamarind. Other entrees are braised, sautéed or pot-roasted.
Try the spiced prawns with almonds, saffron, raisins, and coconut milk, and don’t overlook the vegetable dishes. The drink of choice is a rose-water and yogurt concoction, called lasi, or the East Indian cappuccino. Service is gracious and the leisurely side; allot plenty of time.

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