4-5-78 Dan Duff Oregon journal -
“it’s a restaurant I’ll return to knowing I can enjoy a meal prepared with quality food and a lot of care.”

8-27-79 – Downtowmer-
“ Plainfield’s place largely succeeds in most of its fairly lofty ambitions.”

1980 Neighbor-
“Plainfield’s place is the embodiment of a whole family’s coming together, to create a restaurant expressive of their shared vision and expertise.”

10-7-80 Karen Brooks & Gideon Boskar – Williawillamette week-
“……..and my wife is inordinately fond of Indian food.” When we suggest Plainfield’s place. What really makes the place unique is the menu, which provides a small and refined selection of specialties rarely seen in this city, including three Indian offerings. Clearly, the Indian dishes are the pride of the house.”

1980 Stephanie oliver – Oregon Magazine-
“Chocolate Gran MARNIER Cake is the best chocolate cake in the Portland”

9-30-81 Baker Sez – This week-
“There is a great restaurant in Portland. Its name is Plainfield’s Place. I had something at Plainfields that I have not eaten since I was in India: Silver. Yes folks, edible silver.”

March 83 Jeff Ormont – OREGOM MAGZINE-
“Plainfieild’s Place deserves primary credit for introducing Oregonians to the wonders of Indian Cooking. Over the last five years it has bolstered local demand and support for this cuisine. Although only three of the eleven dishes on the Plainfield’s international menu are Indian, the Indian specialities have always seemed the key to this restaurants reputation and success.”
“The advantage of having family back home in Poona is that they regularly send the Plainfield’s a treasure trove of spices and hard to get items. The unusual flavors of these direct imports provide for the stimulating experience, to say the least.”

8-21-85 Mrs Taylor – Letters to Nancy – This week-
“ I am visiting to my daughter from Canada. My favorite food is Indian, so she took me to dinner at Plainfield’s Place. We had the most delightful “chicken in a sauce” I have ever eaten. Do you think they would be so kind as to give you the recipe? If they do not, I understand. The food at Plainfield’s is the best I have ever eaten.”

May 1986 Jonathan Nicholas – Oregonian-
Hot news: “Others come and go, currying favor but some Portland’s finest Indian cooking has bees served for years at Plainfield’s place in Northwest Portland. Comes now word that Plainfield’s is planning a move.

2-13-87 David Sarasohn – Oregonian-
“Plainfield’s Mayur features not only the best smelling living room in Portland, but the best all around Indian menu.”

3-5-87 Roger Porter – Willamette week-
“Plainfield’s Mayur is made for a romantic dinner and is just the place to impress a business associate. Here is where lunch comes in. I can not think of many downtown spots that are such pleasant respites from normal midday fare, that will provide as broad a spectrum of sensations, or where one feels transported to a saner, gentler world.”

6-29-87 Joanne Skirving-
“At Plainfield’s you will taste the vibrant mixture of spices which make up an authentic curry”

10-18-88 Roger Crabbs – Travelhost-
“ The restaurant is located on two floors of an elegant old Portland mansion. A beautiful terraced patio for dining is a fitting touch of graciousness. Crafted especially for Plainfield’s Mayur, hardwood furniture, flatware of silver, china and crystal (all with Indian design) and showcase tandoor oven create an elegant visual setting. Gentle, melodious Indian music establishes a comfortable mood while permitting conversation. Finally. Rekha and her impeccably trained staff left no doubt in our minds that, as guests, we were important and their commitment was to serve us.”

5-13-88 David Sarasohn – Oregonian-
“Plainfield’s Mayur hitherto best known for having Portland’s first traditional Indian oven, or tandoor. Now on sunny days not only offers an elegant dining room and some spectacular Indian bread, but is the North West’s only indoor/outdoor tandoor option.”

1986-1987-1988-1989 Downtowner ( 4 years in a row)-
“The best Indian restaurant of Portland – by readers poll”

6-15-89 KGW TV – featured in PM MAGAZINE.-
“ A Indian banquet fit for all seasons.”

6-26-89 Downtowner-
“Rekha and Richard Plainfield have created dishes that are on par with the elegance of their landmark establishment."

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