A. From Mr. TIM ISERI.

Dear Sirs,

My wife and I were recently in your restaurant in your restaurant and were extremely pleased with our experience. The food was outstanding in the very least, but what prompted this letter was the service. I am a medical student at Oregon Health Sciences University and Consequently spend the majority of my day in classrooms and labs. It is for this reason that I tend to dress for comfort and not appearance. On the day that we visited your establishment, I had just finished a particularly long day and had rushed from school to meet my wife. I must admit that I felt somewhat underdressed and received some rather anxiety provoking stares from the other patrons. The person who seated and served us, however, set my mind at ease with his courtesy and cheerful disposition, and I soon felt no worse off than if I had worn a three piece suit. The remainder of the evening was nothing short of marvelous and your whole staff should be commended. I look forward to our next visit to Plainfield’s Mayur. Thank you for a wonderful time.

Best Wishes,
Tim Iseri.


Dear Mr. Plainfield,

I recently had the privilege of dining at your gourmet restaurant, and I wish to express my most enthusiastic praise for the outstanding service you provided. Both the meal and the personal attention you gave were truly exceptional.

Since I am of Indian descent, I am a fairly good connoisseur of Indian cuisine. Having dined in a number of such restaurants over the years, I am able to judge quite discerningly which ones strive to provide authentic preparations and which ones are inferior imitations. I was in Portland on a business trip and based upon an advertisement I saw in the newspaper for your establishment, I was eager to sample your restaurant.

From the moment I arrived, I was impressed with your restaurant. The 19th century mansion which serves as your facility is beautiful in its architecture. It is majestic, yet it exudes a warmth of character which invites people to come inside. The interior decorations further add to the ambience. The sculptures and paintings create a very authentic impression of India. I also enjoyed being able to watch the chefs at work as I ate.

The meal itself was absolutely outstanding. Many of the other restaurants I have visited seem to use only one curry and add whichever meat is requested, with the result that there is little variation in the taste of each dish. In contrast the items I ordered at your restaurant were each uniquely prepared and had a distinct taste. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian entrees were of a very high quality and level of authenticity.

My first visit to your restaurant was so enjoyable that I returned a few days later with a friend. Since he had never tasted Indian food before, I was eager to have him experience the fine cuisine that you serve. He too was extremely impressed and enjoyed his meal thoroughly.

I also wish to commend you for the personal attention you gave to enhance our dining experience. Because my friend was unfamiliar with Indian cuisine, the waiter who served us (Mark) was very helpful in explaining to him what the Indian names of the entrees meant in English and what each entrée was like. He was also very knowledgeable in recommending which condiments we could add to our meals to enhance their flavor.

I further appreciated the fact that, following our meal, you gave us a tour of your art gallery. Your knowledge of the various Indian artifacts and their significance was very impressive. In this regard, your restaurant is altogether unique, for no other Indian restaurant I have patronized included its own art gallery.

The entire evening at your restaurant was memorable. In every area, you surpassed my highest expectations. It is evident that you take great care in selecting a knowledgeable and professional staff. Not only are your chefs obviously very talented, your waiters and waitress make every effort to treat each patron as a valuable person and make their dining experience an enjoyable one. I gladly recommend your establishment to others.

Philip Massey, CPA.


Hello Rich:

My Husband proposed to me in your restaurant on Valentine's Day of 2000. Since then, it has become our special place to eat. There is a story of our proposal (mentioning your restaurant) on our website at: We have returned every year for Valentine's Day and now we have a new anniversary to celebrate with you (wedding was on September 10th, 2002). I recommend your place to anyone looking for a classy, romantic dining experience. Thank you for catering to Vegetarians and Vegans. Your wines are amazing and your food is incomparable. We look forward to our next date :o)

Mahalo (thank you),
Mr. and Mrs. Sorensen

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