Oct2000 -

Now that you can get a pretty decent Indian meal at many a Portland mall food court, Plainfield’s Mayur irrelevant? Well that’s like saying that since you can get a decent General Tso’s from a street cart, Legin is no longer important. From the setting of the restaurant,(an opulent Victorian mansion just off West Burnside Street) to the career waiters in black tie to the ceremoniously revered tandoori center, glassed in and on stage in the middle of the restaurant, its clear that Plainfield’s is a cut above. Even the common and familiar dishes, such as chicken tikka masala, take on a whole new glow in the hands of the Plainfield’s kitchen staff-the chicken’s more subtle, the curry more resounding. A plate of chutneys, assuredly unlike you have tried before, comes with your meal; with the waiter’s help, you can use them to coax another dimension out of your meal. Plainfield’s own brand of chai tea and the perfectly harmonious cardamom-rose ice cream nestled on a bed of fried saffron noodles pushes you over the top (CBB).

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